As you prepare to send your kid off to college, what are the things you worry about?

Is GAD on your list?

General Anxiety Disorder or GAD is “characterized by persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry about everyday things.”

In a study of over 16,000 college undergraduate students in 2105, they were asked, “within the last 12 months,” which of “the following factors affecting their individual academic performance, defined as: received a lower grade on an exam, or an important project; received a lower grade in the course; received an incomplete or dropped the course; or experienced a significant disruption in thesis, dissertation, research, or practicum work.”

  • 25.1% reported anxiety
  • 15.4% reported depression
  • 32.2% reported stress
  • 21.7% reported sleep difficulties

As a frame of reference,

  • 3.2% reported alcohol abuse
  • 1.5% reported drug use
  • 1.3% reported eating disorder/problem
  • .7% reported physical assault
  • 1.1% reported sexual assault

The biggest threats to student academic performance are not the ones most parents worry about.

The biggest threats are the habits they form in high school — as they work to prove themselves as “Go-Getters” worthy of college admission.

Here’s how to help your students achieve success without developing the symptoms of GAD and other mental health concerns:



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