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The College Checklist Podcast Features Off-Trail On Purpose

Lauren Gaggioli began The College Checklist Podcast to give parents & students cutting-edge info...



Find direction in life.

Off-Trail On Purpose provides college admissions consulting services in Asheville.

We help high school and college students navigate the college confusion.
Get the full advantage of a college experience with intentional planning.
Graduate with more than a degree. Graduate with confidence in your life direction.

Consequences of Poor College Planning


For most students, college planning focuses on getting in.

In return, this is what most students get:

  • The average college student will take 14 unnecessary credit hours in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.
  • 60% of bachelor’s degree recipients change colleges at least once and nearly half of them lose some or all of their credits when transferring.
  • Only 50% of students nationally graduate in 6 years or less.
  • The average student debt load in 2016 at graduation reached over $37,000.

The root cause of much of these outcomes is a lack of personalized guidance.

College Planning That Builds Confidence

Our approach isn’t cookie-cutter.

Off-Trail On Purpose College Advisors helps high school and college students through the complexities of an expensive, high-stakes, impersonal college process.

Our clients reap the full benefits of their invested time, money, and hopes while building confidence and developing direction.

At the same time, we use research-proven methods to teach time-tested techniques.

We transform college planning into an opportunity to solidify the skills that lead to success.

Get Started With A Strategy Session

Want to know how our personalized approach can radically change your college planning process? Start with a 30-minute complimentary no-obligation Strategy Session. You can do that right here.

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What Our Clients Say
“To me it’s a no brainer. If your child chooses the right school, the right major, the right job with this kind of guidance, it’s a total win for you as a parent. With all that I have going on in my life, I just can’t give my son this much attention in helping him think this in depth about what he wants. This is such a relief! Totally worth it!”
LG Hall, parent in Asheville, NC
“My grades got better. Before I wasn’t very excited or into college, but now I think about my road to college and what I want for my life past that.”
Teme Boyland, student in Asheville, NC
“He learned that he can ask people questions, ask adults, teachers and coaches for information so he can make decisions. He can put the right words to a thing, to tell others what he wants. He didn’t know how describe the career he wanted before.”
Cassie Love, parent in Asheville, NC
“I feel much more confident in my position. The program helped me decide what I want to major in at college, and it helped me create criteria for looking at colleges, as well as learning how to be financially safe when applying and going to visit colleges.”
Ethan Wolf, student in Asheville, NC
“You’ve given her a map of how to get there and how to explore it. She is more confident in her ability to be self-sufficient after school.”
Suelin Ammons, parent in Asheville, NC
"My daughter has been accepted to 3 universities so far, including her first choice. Still waiting to hear from multiple others. Proud of this kid."
Stefany Mills, parent in Asheville, NC

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